Let’s adventure together!

Zen is a Toronto-based writer, freelancer, and multidisciplinary adventurer. She is also a tea sommelier in training, because you can never be too many things at once. You can find her on Twitter at @chai, and Instagram at @z.en.

Zenventures originally started as a travel blog, then developed into a mix of local content and universal stories. The tagline “Every day is a new adventure,” while perhaps overly optimistic, is a constant reminder to seek out new experiences. When you make every day an adventure, you can approach your own city with the same sense of engagement, curiosity, and wonder that you would feel anywhere else.

“When you put the right words together, or put the right people together, you end up with a story. Lately, people have been asking me why I started blogging… Every answer comes back to this — this love of stories.” (x)

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Happy adventuring!