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Audiogram: Songs For Summer to Fall

A mix for summer adventures, fading into autumn memories.

The end of summer is always a slow burn. Even after it’s over, it lingers. The days get shorter, and cute layers are suddenly a necessity, but there’s still this unresolved feeling of adventure, freedom, and recklessness hanging in the air.

I love the beginning of autumn. I feel like every year, I just get hit with this burst of inspiration and creativity. I love the colours, the fashion, the moody lighting, and the seasonal flavours (Although I’ll take an actual pie over a PSL, any day.) The city lights up with a deep golden glow. Everything is in a state of transformation.

Sure, maybe it gets darker sooner — but we’ve had months and months of sunshine, and we’re still reeling from our adventures. Photographs cover the walls of our minds. We have the warmth tucked away in our pockets, to ward off the cold. Everyone is refreshed from the downtime, and ready to ask themselves, “What’s next?”

For chilly October nights lit by summer memories, grab a cup of something sweet, and wrap yourself in these warm, relaxing autumnal tunes.

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Gosh, I love this! The atmosphere evoked by the playlist is super chill, but I definitely see where you’re getting at regarding that tinge of adventure lingering in the air.


nice chill vibes (: any track by Memphis would go well with this